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VFX Assets for Students

VFX Assets for Students is a free collection of industry-standard assets and exercises designed to help teach VFX skills to students and new entrants.

The VFX industry in the UK has a world-beating reputation and is an industry that continues to grow. To maintain this international reputation and support growth, we need make sure we develop the next generation of talented individuals here in the UK.

Creative Skillset has collaborated with Andrew Daffy to create these assets for students. Andrew worked with Teesside University students to start developing the right assets that could be given to any university so they could start to engage with VFX teaching.

He then went on to produce a phenomenal resource that includes over 90 GB of exercises and assets including HDRI plates, complex rigs, normal maps, texture grids, a variety of background plates, a range of greenscreen, mattes and rotos to name but a few.

To get you started, we've produced a Guide to the VFX Assets. It's worth reading through before getting your hands on the assets and is organised into categories and subcategories. When you're ready to start downloading, you'll notice that the assets have been compressed into zip files: one file for each subcategory in the guide. This should make it quicker and easier to download and navigate the assets.

VXF Assets for Students are currently unavailable to download. Please contact us via email if you need more information.

Before you download the assets, be aware that some of these files are huge. You might find it easier to download one zip file at a time.


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