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Trainee placements

Getting your foot in the door can be hard, right?

Trainee Finder can help. It matches exceptional individuals to training placements in animation, film, games, TV and VFX. Through Trainee Finder, companies in those industries gets the chance to hire the best trainees in the business. Which could be you.

Put your creative skills and passions to work with Trainee Finder

How can I become a trainee?

If you already have some industry experience or good quality training under your belt, then you could apply to be a trainee. If you're approved, you'll be added to the Trainee Finder database which companies can search to find the right trainee for their business.

How does Trainee Finder work?

If you are successful in your application and become a trainee you will be added to the Trainee Finder database.

If you are chosen, the company will offer a training placement including a training allowance that will cover the cost of living. This will be paid either weekly or monthly.

Trainees who are lucky enough to get placed will be engaged by UK based companies for placements of anything from a few weeks up to several months.

Trainees are required to work on a training plan which the company will help them implement. Training will include plenty of hands-on experience.

Why should I apply?

You not only gain first-hand experience of the industry, you also make those all-important contacts that are so essential when competing for a job.

How can I apply?

Find out more about Trainee Finder, including how to check whether you're eligible and how to apply.


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