Advanced Apprenticeship in Photo Imaging

Photo Imaging
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The Advanced Apprenticeship in Photo Imaging offers you the opportunity to work in the industry while gaining a recognised qualification.

As an apprentice you will gain a better understanding of the photo imaging industry and finish your training ready to work and with a network of professional contacts.

Will I need any qualifications to get onto this apprenticeship?

You don't need to have any specific qualifications to do this apprenticeship. Previous qualifications in related subjects could give you a useful grounding.

It will also help you to impress potential employers if you've done any unpaid or voluntary work in the photo imaging industry. This will show them how keen you are to build a career in this area.

This is a level 3 qualification, which is equivalent to two A-Levels.

The apprenticeship has been written by photo imaging industry professionals so that the training meets the needs of employers and gives you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to make a valuable contribution and to launch your career. The qualification is run by a training provider who will work with both you and your employer to tailor it to the needs of both you and the company.

What kind of jobs might I do?

Jobs covered by the Advanced Apprenticeship in Photo Imaging include:

  • Trainee/Assistant Photographer
    • Taking photographs to client specification in various settings
  • Trainee/Assistant Staff Photographer
    • Taking photographs for the business e.g. to be used for promotional materials
  • Trainee Investigative/Crime Scene Photographer
    • Taking photographs as required to assist in official investigations
  • Junior Minilab Printer
    • Operating minilab equipment, usually in a retail environment
  • Junior Digital Imaging Technician
    • Operating digital image manipulation or printing systems to client or organisational specifications
  • Picture Library Keyworder
    • Appending metadata (description of content) to archived photographic images

The photo imaging industry has assessed apprenticeship programmes provided by colleges and training providers across England. Those that offer the best training have been awarded the Creative Skillset Tick. Click the link above to see a list of these programmes.

What's my next step?

You can find the latest apprenticeship vacancies in our feed from the National Apprenticeship Service on this page. Visit the Vacancy Matching Service provided by the National Apprenticeship Service for more information.

You can also download the apprenticeship framework below.



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