How to use social media in your job hunt

Social media is now an integral part of the Creative Industries with Twitter affecting the success of TV shows and London Fashion Week shows broadcasting online.

An online presence is not just for big brands and businesses though. You can put social media to work for you and your career. It’s a great way to learn, network and promote yourself.


Social media is the perfect way to learn about industry developments. Following the organisations, publications and trade bodies that make up the industry you want to work in will help you stay up to date with new products, news or events.

Find out who are the major players in the industry and have a look at their websites to see which social media platforms they are on. Careers services are also worth a follow, try the National Careers Service, plotrCareers Wales, Careers Service Northern Ireland and My World of Work.


It’s not just about listening to what others have to say though, get involved!

Connect with people and companies you would like to work with in future on LinkedIn. Join in discussions on Twitter to learn from others and develop your professional profile. Post and share on Facebook to demonstrate your interest and knowledge in your field. You could be the first to know about a discounted training course, a fun industry event or even the job of your dreams!


Just like a company, you can promote your services online. Any profiles you have are a platform to show off your wares, whether it’s linking to videos or images of your work or posting blogs on your projects. Employers look for practical examples of skills so here is your chance to show them what you can do!

So how do you get started and see these benefits? If you’re completely new to Facebook and Twitter, BBC WebWise is a good place to start. You can also learn how to use LinkedIn from scratch with this video tutorial:

Learn how to use LinkedIn from scratch with this video tutorial

Once you’re underway, the BBC College of Production has some info on using social media in programming as well as for promoting yourself. Or why not take some training to learn more? Here is our list of social media courses from online learning to an MA.

Remember, as you build up your social media profile, you are creating an online footprint that may be hard to erase in future!

Think about what you post and whether you want potential employers to see it, stay professional and remember that the internet has a long memory.


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