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Vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications (VQs) offer a more practical learning programme that relates directly to specific job roles or specific industries.

These qualifications follow a course structure and have an emphasis on developing practical skills and knowledge. They tend to be classroom-based with assessment by written and practical examinations. 

Creative Skillset works closely with awarding bodies to ensure that VQs are mapped against National Occupational Standards where possible and reflect current industry practices.

Vocational qualifications for the Creative Industries

Creative Skillset currently has NVQs in the following disciplines:

Creative Skillset's role in vocational qualifications

If you are an awarding body or an institution that is considering work on a new or redeveloped qualification, you need to work with Creative Skillset.

All vocational qualifications falling within the Creative Industries in Creative Skillset's footprint must receive support from Creative Skillset before Ofqual accreditation.

In most cases, this means the developing or submitting body should inform Creative Skillset as early in the process as possible, giving information on:

  • Proposed qualification title and level
  • Proposed credit value of constituent units
  • Relationship with National Occupational Standards
  • Planned accreditation and implementation dates
  • Details on Diploma ASL pathways, age ranges etc.

If the qualification being produced is new (i.e. not a redevelopment of an existing, accredited title) then a rationale, based on industry need, must also be provided.

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If you have any questions about qualifications support from Creative Skillset, please email apprenticeships@creativeskillset.org


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