Industry partners

This resource pack has been developed with industry professionals and partner organisations who have generously contributed content and information. With thanks to:

Jahirul Amin (Double Negative), Richard Clarke (Nvizible), Simone Coco (Double Negative), Gavin Graham (Double Negative), Hugo Guerra (VFX Supervisor & VFX Creative Director), Andy Hargreaves (Double Negative), Zave Jackson (Cinesite),  Steve Moncur (Cinesite), Alex Mastihi (Development Manager), Ian Murphy (MPC Academy), Naz Parker (Double Negative), Chris Petts (Cinesite), Stuart Penn (Framestore), Scott Prichard (ILM), Jon Rennie (Managing Director, Bait Studio/Cloth Cat Animation/Thud Media), Andrew Schlussel (MPC), Amy Smith (Framestore), Anna Swift (Framestore), Jamie Wood (Nvizible), Saint John Walker (Norwich University of the Arts).

Additional thanks go to the following industry and teaching and learning professionals who were instrumental in feeding into the new Student Primer and Core Skills of VFX Repository sections:

Karl Abson, Bradford University
Jahirul Amin, Double Negative
Paul Charisse, University of Portsmouth
Alex Charnley, Middlesex University
Sunil Chhatralia, Kingston University
Richard Clarke, Nvizible
Simone Coco, Double Negative
Dave Cook, Jellyfish Pictures
Abigail Davies, UWE
Phil Dobree, Jellyfish Pictures
Dr Roger Eglin, University of Portsmouth
Georg Finch, Falmouth University
Greg Fisher, MPC
John Frith, MPC Film
Mark Goodliff, Bradford University
Gavin Graham, Double Negative
Hugo Guerra, VFX Supervisor & VFX Creative Director
Andy Hargreaves, Double Negative
Jason Harris, Double Negative
Peter Holmes, University Campus Barnsley
Penny Holton, Teesside University
Rob Hopper, MPC Film
Alex Hulse, Ravensbourne College
Zave Jackson, Cinesite
Robert Jones, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Simon Jones, MPC Film
Paul Kerr, Middlesex University
Lauren Knowlton-Parry, MPC Film
Matt Leonard, MPC
Alan Lewis, NFTS
Simon Lock, Plymouth University
Paul Marchbank , Southampton Solent University
Daniel Maskit, Double Negative
Steve Moncur, Cinesite
Mike Mulholland, ILM
Ian Murphy, MPC
Paul Noble, Teesside University
Ian Palmer, Pearson College
Naz Parker, Double Negative
Stuart Penn, Framestore
Chris Petts, Cinesite
Adrian Pottas, Southampton Solent University
Scott Pritchard, ILM
David Radcliffe, Richmond Upon Thames College
Tom Reed, MPC Film
Jon Rennie, Bait Studio
Steve Roberts, UWE
Peter Rogers, Bait Studio
Lucy Salter, Double Negative
Andrew Schlussel, MPC
Helena Serafin, Teesside University
Ceylan Shevket, MPC Film
Amy Smith, Framestore
Anthony Smith, Framestore
Tony Smith, Plymouth University
James Snazell, Edge Hill University
Anna Swift, Framestore
Jonny Vale, MPC
Pan Valfeldis, University of Portsmouth
Eugenie von Tunzelmann, Double Negative
Saint John Walker, Norwich University of the Arts
Chris Webster, UWE
Colin West, University of Portsmouth
Jamie Wood, Nvizible
Chris Wyatt, Teesside University

Creative Skillset would also like to thank the original industry advisors on the first VFX Handbook, whose foundation work was such a great legacy to build upon. 

Firstly our VFX consultant Ian Murphy, who collated advice, opinion and wisdom from a range of VFX companies and professionals, recruited artists and practitioners for industry consultation and co-wrote the resulting 12 modules. Thanks also to Gaynor Davenport and UK Screen, and our industry roundtable participants.

Original contributers: Nikolas Almpanis, Claire Anderson and Steven Venning, Felix Balbas, Angela Barson, Jordi Bares, Pete Bebb, Nial Brown, Chris Bull, Chris Burn, Astrid Busser-Casas, Alexis Casas, Dayne Cowan, Andrew Daffy, Sean Danischevsky, Gaynor Davenport and the UK Screen Association, Max Dennison, Gavin Digby, Sean Farrow, Dave Fleet, Caroline Garrett and Antony Hunt, Jack Greasley, Pablo Grillo, John Hardwick, Andy Hargreaves, Martin Hobbs, Alex Hope, Graham Jack, Annabel Jones and Anna Swift, Hayden Jones, Hugo Guerra, Ramin Kamal, Lino Khay, Anders Langlands, Rick Leary, Paul McGeoch, Emma McGonigle and Millie Cox, Ian Murphy, Andy Nicholas, Tahl Niran, Conrad Olson, Stephane Paris, Matt Packham, Dan Pastore, Stuart Penn, Manolo Perez, Dan Pettipher, Stuart Pitcher, Anna Privett, Jonathan Privett and Louise Hussey, Tom Reed, Neil Riley, Andy Robinson, Florian Schuck, Michele Sciolette, John Seru, Mark Sherwood, Deirdre Shillaker, David Short, Anthony Smith, Simon Stanley-Clamp, Roy Steltzer, Matt Tinsley, Jan Urbanowski, Holger Voss, Vic Wade, Karl Wickens, Royston Wilcox, Mark Williams, Alex Wuttke and Vic Rodgers.


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