The Film Business

This resource pack is aimed at individuals interested in working in the film business and is designed to demystify the areas of sales, distribution and exhibition. It is based on the advice of established industry professionals about the skills and knowledge you need be successful in this field and was developed in partnership with Film Distributors’ Association, Film Export UK, Independent Cinema Office, UK Cinema Association.

If you are an interested in a career in the areas of film sales, distribution and exhibition this resource may help you understand what competencies and knowledge is expected from someone working successfully in these individual areas. If you are already working in these areas of the industry, this section should help you benchmark your existing knowledge and skills and identify gaps that you will need to address in order to develop your activities further. If you are an educator, you can use this resource pack to review and develop training and courses informed by best practice within the film industry.

The Business of Film Handbook - Cover Image

Download The Film Business Handbook: Sale, Distribution and Exhibition.


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