The big picture

The film and television landscape

The film and television industries have seen considerable growth in recent years and contribute significantly to the overall UK economy.

In 2013, the highly successful model of the film tax incentive was extended to include high-end television drama, enabling producers to claim back up to 25% of the eligible UK-related expenditure for film and television drama filmed in the UK. Read more about the effects of the tax breaks in the article U.K.’s Production Tax Breaks Spur Burst of Training for Below-the-Line Jobs on (April 2015).

This wider tax incentive has driven a sudden increase in production levels, making the UK a popular destination for both domestic and international productions and creating a surge in demand for a skilled and experienced workforce. For an overview of the initial impact on production in the UK, read U.K. Tax Credit Injects Nearly $400 Million in Economy the First Year on (January 2014). 

Production accountants are in particular demand. They are crucial to the success of delivering film and television productions on time and on budget. For more information, you can read High-end TV key skills issues. Information and Discussion Paper TVC39 Creative Skillset (April 2014). You can also download a PDF version of Creative Skillset's report The Full Picture, the demand for skills in UK TV production, which summarises research from a TV industry consultation in summer/autumn 2014.

Watch highlights from a roundtable discussion about current issues facing the high-end TV industry, which was hosted by Broadcast in February 2015 and part of Creative Skillset's ongoing consultation with industry. The event focused on crewing shortages and constructive ways we might solve the problem. 

Broadcast High End TV Skills Round Table

The increasingly complex system of financing film and television production means that the role of the production accountant is a challenging and dynamic one. Industry employers are unanimous that proven experience is critical for upward progression from entry level roles, which creates a difficult 'catch-22' situation for people wanting to join the industry without the relevant experience.

This resource pack, based on discussions with seasoned professionals who have already travelled these career paths, outlines how to progress a career in this area, explains the job roles in production accounting, and defines what knowledge and skills are necessary.

This resource pack provides inside insights and tips that will help demystify how to get in and get ahead. It will help people with the right skills, passion and knowledge to add their talent to the production of world-beating film and television content.


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