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Thanks and contributors

This resource pack on production accounting has been developed with the following partner organisations, who have generously contributed content and information:

The Production GuildCIMA Global, and Leighann Acuta (Channel 5), Alex Mastihi (Development Manager), Shane Balzan (CIMA), Joanne Bennett (BBC), Sarah Burrows (CIMA Global), Isabel Chick, Jane Corden (Moneypenny), Lorna Dickens (Channel 5), Lucy Drake, Jane Gant (Raw), Erin Graham (BBC), Wim De Greef (Clerkenwell Films), Paras Haj (BBC), Christine Healy (BBC), Kirsty Higginbottom (ITV), Debbie Holgate (ITV), Joanna Hunter (Sky), Steve Johnson (Channel 4), Hilary Joyce, Kevin Kahn (Tiger Aspect), Alex Lewis (TPH Global), Jamie Mayers (Kudos), Ali Moshref (Film Finances), Sam Scowcroft (Moneypenny), Alison Small (Production Guild), Debbie Somerville (BBC), Sacha Whitmarsh (BBC), Nigel Wood (101 Films) and Denis Wray (Drama Republic).

Additional resources

For further information about the economic landscape of the film, HETV and animation industries, and the production accountant job role requirements, visit the following links:


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