Facts & figures

UK screen sectors – successes and skills needs

  • British Film Institute figures for 2015 show a massive surge in film production in the UK, generating a total spend of £1.471bn, the second-highest figure since measurement began in 1994.
  • Between film, high-end television (HETV) drama and animation, tax reliefs have encouraged over £1.5bn of investments into the UK’s economy from overseas.
  • Tax relief has helped drive major growth in UK HETV production. This is reckoned to have grown eight-fold in the first year of tax relief – with production expenditure rising from a previously estimated level of about £50m to nearly £400m in 2013–2014, with over half of this coming from international investment.

The bottom line

The role of production accountant is a challenging and dynamic one and is critical to the overall success of a production. With many factors contributing to the complex landscape that the UK’s film and television industries operate in, there is a demand for more production accountants.

If you’ve always loved working with numbers but have never felt that a career in corporate accounting would suit you, production accounting might be the right move.

You’ll be able to use your mathematical and process-based skills to work in a dynamic, fast-paced and creative environment where no two productions will ever be the same. And you’ll get to see your name on the credits when your show or film airs.