Industry partners

This resource pack has been developed with industry professionals and partner organisations who have generously contributed content and information. With thanks to:

Helen Brunsdon (Animation Consultant and Producer), Abigail Addison (Freelance Producer and Director, Animate Projects), Julie Hadwin (Creative Skillset), Alex Mastihi (Development Manager), Allison Abbate (Freelance Producer), Ken Anderson (Red Kite Animation), Kieran Argo (Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival), Jamie Badminton (Karrot Entertainment), Fred de Bradeny (HIT Entertainment), Hannah Elder (HIT Entertainment), Sofronis Efstathiou (Bournemouth University), Alan Gilbey (Writer) and Helen Nabarro (Head of Animation, NFTS), Shay Hamais (Director, Th1ng), Steve Henderson (Skwigly), David Hodgson (Pesky), Jo Lawrence (Freelance Director / Film Club), Lucy Murphy (Freelance Producer), Kirsty Ratcliffe (Passion Pictures),  Kath Shackleton (Fettle Animation), Owen Stickler, (A&O Studios), Tim Webb (Senior Lecturer, RCA),  Beth Parker (Disney), Chris White (Karrot Entertainment), Luke Youngman (Nexus Productions), .


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