Career paths

There is no single career path to become an animation producer and people arrive in these roles by many different routes.

The role is challenging and requires a broad combination of commercial, creative and technical skills and knowledge – as well as significant people skills. The demands of the role are such that there is no short cut to gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to reach the stage where people will entrust you with your first production.

So whether or not you have studied animation or other relevant subjects you will still be expected to work your way up from the bottom, acquiring essential on-the-job experience and building your reputation as an able and reliable employee and colleague.

Many people work their way up to the producer role starting from an entry-level position such as a runner or production assistant, even if their background is not in animation. Some animation professionals find themselves naturally taking on the producer role having established themselves in their career – for example, when they decide to set up their own production companies and learn the hard way how to get their projects off the ground.

Some producers freelance and move about from company to company and across different productions consolidating their experience in different jobs and dealing with different teams.

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