TransFUSION Conference

TransFUSION was a practical conference held in December 2013, bringing education together with industry to discuss fusion, its effects and how to teach the skills it demands.

In an increasingly competitive environment for universities we need to support HE courses in being responsive and forward thinking in addressing the need for new fused skills. We want to enable HE institutions in their quest to create tomorrow's creative business leadersstart-up innovators and interdisciplinary experts.

Employers are increasingly looking for hybrid mixes of creativity, technology/STEM and business awareness in their new recruits. This can be a challenge for HE because it often demands the involvement of different disciplines and tutors collaborating across departments/faculties and guiding students through a wide range of knowledge and skills.

However, tutors know that supplying these fusion skills can give their university an advantage in the graduate jobs market and also open up research opportunities, and first adopter status.

Read the debates from the day and view the presentations on Storify

Watch the two keynote speeches from TransFUSION:

Aleks Krotoski - Technofundamentalism

Steve McKevitt - Fusion skills in the Creative Industries


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