Fusion: further reading

Read more about fusion in its various guises with our list of articles, reports, events and websites.

9 job titles changing the face of modern media business The Media Briefing, February 2013

Action Plan for Change Creative Scotland, March 2013

Agile development may be taught in Australian schools The Register, February 2013

Boris Johnson gives start-ups £22m boost with new growth fund Evening Standard, April 2013

BrightonFuse: Towards a progressive learning model for the CDIT sector in Brighton and Hove James Byford, October 2013

Employers must help universities deliver interdisciplinary skills Guardian, May 2012

Hyper Island Report Nesta, March 2013

Mind The Gap When It Comes To China Forbes, February 2013

Technology and Innovation Futures: UK Growth Opportunities for the 2020s Government Office for Science, 2010 (refreshed in 2012)

The 2013 Digital Landscape Infographic My Social Agency, January 2013

The Business Case for Equality and Diversity: A survey of the academic literature Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, January 2013

The supply of and demand for high-level STEM skills UKCES, December 2011

Regional Growth Fund for large businesses Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Video Editing is Becoming an Important Skill Set for Ad Agency New Business Fuel Lines, June 2012

Wearable technology - separating fact from science fiction Guardian, April 2013

Who is using Hyperlocal media and what are they using it for? Nesta, March 2013


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