Fusing creativity, technology and new business

Fusing creativity, technology and new business

Increasingly, industry wants our Ticked courses to prepare their students for the interwoven challenges such as technological convergence and divergence, the impact of digital networks, lower barriers to market and globalisation.

This means combining disciplines, introducing students to skillsets traditionally outside the remit of the course, the faculty, maybe even the institution.

  • Arrange more mixed lectures in universities; mash-ups of Art + Science in one lecture centred around solving a problem;
  • Create learning environments that are neutral spaces as being in a computer lab or an art room can lead to only computer or art type responses;
  • Shift thinking from modules to learning contracts;
  • Learning is more project based with a client; develop Project Management modules that allow for failure and don’t mark down for it.

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Fusing creativity, technology and new business


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