Alumni monitoring

Where have all the graduates gone?

Gathering accurate and reliable data on graduate progression into careers in the Creative Industries is challenging.

Key to the Creative Skillset accreditation process is reliable evidence that students are gaining employment in the Creative Industries upon graduation.

Alumni departments aren’t necessarily charged with gathering this, leaving the responsibility to individual course leaders who often struggle to find the time and the resources to carry out the task.

  • Tracking graduate destination data is important but time consuming;
  • It needs proper resourcing within educational institutions – a partnership approach of teaching staff, alumni offices and students;
  • Creative Skillset can provide a framework to help track the impact of ticked courses;
  • The detailed knowledge of course leaders makes such research more meaningful;
  • Inventive and continuing use of social media to track total student progress and destinations has become essential, with Facebook and LinkedIn groups playing an important role;
  • Graduates from creative disciplines often take longer than others to establish their careers: alumni networks help build contacts and confidence with their peers;
  • Well documented alumni data provides educators with good access to industry networks and excellent material for course marketing.

Read the Chair's notes on alumni monitoring.

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Alumni monitoring: Where have all the graduates gone?


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