Agility in education

Transforming the Supertanker

Embedding constantly changing industry practices and demands into the curriculum is difficult.

It’s in the nature of our industries to think short term - often driven by a current project - but converting this into a longer term conversation makes sense for all parties, and can reap dividends.

  • Utilise alumni as advocates and experts to evangelise new relationships with industry;
  • Show industry CEOs that higher education has changed; it's more responsive, and has a wider quality offer than just graduates for short-term projects;
  • Bid to industry for outsourced research projects or as a means of posing new open-ended questions;
  • Supply idea generation;
  • Help companies get rid of churn by supplying graduates with real "stickability".

Read the Chair's notes on incorporating industry experience into course structures.

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Agility in education: Transforming the Supertanker


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