Apprenticeships in Fashion & Textiles

The Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles is on-the-job training which has been developed by employers in Wales.

Apprentices learn the skills they need to build a career in fashion and textiles through a mix of on-the-job learning at a company and off-the-job learning at college. This is valuable to employers as it gives apprentices an understanding of team work, health and safety, communications and creative thinking, as well as a better understanding of the job and the industry they work in.

What are the entry requirements?

Whilst there are no qualification requirements, applicants must be 16 years or above, ideally have 5 GCSEs grades A-C, have an interest in and appreciation of the industries and a range of soft skills and attributes such as team work and communication skills.

As a college or training provider, it will be your responsibility to provide the off-the-job learning. You will need to work with each apprentice and employer to tailor the training to the needs of both.

Click here to download the framework for the Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles (Wales) (PDF).


The Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles is offered at both level 2 and 3.

The pathways at level 2 are:

  • Textiles
  • Apparel
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Textile Care Services (Laundry and Dry Cleaning)

The pathways at level 3 are:

  • Textiles
  • Apparel
  • Tailoring

Relevant job roles

Job roles covered by this apprenticeship at level 2 include:

  • Cloth Cutter 
  • Clothing Presser 
  • Clothing Sewing Machinist 
  • Dry Cleaning Worker 
  • Dressmaker 
  • Hand Presser 
  • Knitter 
  • Product Tester 
  • Laundry Worker 
  • Linker 
  • Quality Control Inspector 
  • Sewing Machinist 
  • Tape Sealer 
  • Textile Operative 
  • Textiles Care Service Worker

Job roles covered by this apprenticeship at level 3 include:

  • Analytical Textile Technologist 
  • Apparel Team Leader/Supervisor 
  • Bespoke Pattern Cutter (Manual/CAD) 
  • Clothing Alteration Hand 
  • Dressmaker 
  • Garment Technologist 
  • Handcraft Tailor 
  • Knitting
  • Technician Pattern Grader (Manual/CAD) 
  • Production Pattern Cutter (Manual/CAD) 
  • Quality Supervisor (Spinning Mill) 
  • Sample Machinist 
  • Tailoring 
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Tailoring 
  • Technical Salesperson 
  • Textile Colour Technologist 
  • Textile Designer 
  • Textile Dyeing Technician 
  • Textile Machinery Technician 
  • Textile Technologist 
  • Textiles Team Leader/Supervisor

If you would like technical advice on how to run one of the Creative Skillset Apprenticeships in Wales, such as information on qualifications, units or delivery, please get in touch with Creative Skillset Cymru at apprenticeshipwales@creativeskillset.org or call 029 2045 2828.

Further information on Apprenticeships can also be found at the Welsh Government Apprenticeship website.


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