Apprenticeships in Scotland

Creative Skillset has developed two Modern Apprenticeship frameworks:

These have been developed by the industries in Scotland in collaboration with Creative Skillset.

Modern Apprenticeships are regarded as a vital tool for developing essential knowledge and skills, enhanced through work-based learning, which benefits all sectors of the Scottish economy.

The qualifications awarded through these frameworks are placed at Level 6 in the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework. There are a variety of routes for progression, either into employment or further training and education.

If you would like technical advice on how to run one of the Creative Skillset Modern Apprenticeships, such as information on qualifications, units or delivery, please get in touch with Creative Skillset at or call 020 7713 9800.

Key features of the Modern Apprenticeship

  • The minimum age for entry on to a Modern Apprenticeship is 16 years, there is no upper age limit although it should be noted that funding is prioritised for 16-17 year olds
  • Unlike the apprenticeship frameworks for England and Wales, Technical Certificates are not a mandatory component although additional qualifications may be incorporated
  • There are three mandatory outcomes of a Modern Apprenticeship for Scotland:
    • An S/NVQ must be achieved at Level 3 or above and all five Core Skills must be achieved at Intermediate 1 or above. The Core Skills are as follows:
      • Numeracy
      • Communication
      • Information Technology
      • Problem solving
      • Working with others
  • The Apprentice must undergo industry-specific, on-the-job training 
  • All Apprentices must be employed for the duration of the apprenticeship and make a valuable contribution to the companies for which they work.

Find out more about the apprenticeships in this section along with the resources you will need in order to offer the programmes.


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