Apprenticeships in Photo Imaging

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Photo Imaging has been designed by photo imaging professionals, so the training is relevant to the industry.

It is a level 3 qualification, equivalent to two A-Levels.

What are the entry requirements?

Whilst there are no qualification requirements, applicants must have an interest in and appreciation of the industry and a range of soft skills and attributes such as team work and communication skills.

As a college or training provider, it will be your responsibility to provide the off-the-job learning. You will need to work with each apprentice and employer to tailor the training to the needs of both.

Click here to download the framework for the Advanced Apprenticeship in Photo Imaging (level 3) (PDF)

Relevant job roles

Job roles covered by this apprenticeship at level 3 include:

  • Trainee/Assistant Photographer
  • Trainee/Assistant Staff Photographer
  • Trainee Investigative/Crime Scene Photographer
  • Junior Minilab Printer
  • Junior Digital Imaging Technician
  • Picture Library Keyworder

If you would like technical advice on how to run this Creative Skillset Apprenticeship, such as information on qualifications, units or delivery, please get in touch with Creative Skillset at apprenticeships@creativeskillset.org or call 020 7713 9800.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills log

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) are necessary for work and for general learning. Apprentices will have opportunities to develop, apply and assess all the personal, learning and thinking skills within their apprenticeship.

We have created this PLTS logs that you can complete with each apprentice and employer, downloadable here as a PDF:

Photo Imaging Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (Level 3)


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