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TV funding to provide training

High End TV Levy Fund

This new High End TV Levy Fund is fully backed by industry levy and has been designed to strengthen and build skills and develop roles for the future, ensuring UK TV drama remains world-class. This fund is open to training providers with a proven track record of delivering successful industry-led training. The funding is to train and up-skill freelancers and professionals across the UK in TV drama skills shortage areas.

Find out more about High End TV Levy funded opportunities here. 

The TV Skills Fund

The Creative Skillset TV Skills Fund is the result of an agreement between UK broadcasters to invest in training for the freelance television workforce. The contributors are: BBCChannel 4 and Five.

Find out more about the TV Skills Fund here.

The Children's TV Levy Fund

The Children’s TV Levy Fund is made up of contributions paid by Children’s live-action TV producers since April 2015. The Fund is industry investment in the future of skills and talent development in the UK’s live-action Children’s programme sector.

Working in partnership with industry through the Children’s TV Skills Council and informed by leading research, Creative Skillset manages the Fund investing in training needed by the sector to ensure its robust growth is secured with a fully skilled and growing workforce.

Find out more about the Children's TV Levy Fund here.


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