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Film funding to provide training

Funding schemes currently open

The Film Skills Fund awards grants to organisations to create, deliver or facilitate film-specific training.

These are the funding schemes currently open to training organisations:

  • Business Growth Fund - to help UK film companies build scale, international ambition and reach, and become more sustainable.
  • Craft and Technical Professional Development Fund - to ensure the production workforce can effectively resource the current high levels of film activity
  • Creative Talent Development Fund - to support emerging talent and existing producers, writers and directors and give them the skills they need to progress and build film careers
  • Cross-media Training and Mentoring Fund - to support producers, writers and directors, and independent companies to develop the skills needed to build and reach an audience for their work in a world of rapidly evolving patterns of consumption.
  • Emerging Needs Fund - to facilitate training in new and evolving film skills needs across the film value chain
  • Innovation Fund - to support the development and delivery of innovative new training initiatives and ideas for the film industry
  • Production Management Fund - to bring high-calibre new entrants from diverse backgrounds into production management, and to support career development for existing professionals.
  • Sales, Distribution and Exhibition Fund - to help sales and distribution (and, for traineeships, exhibition) companies develop and grow, nurture a diverse workforce, and embrace digital opportunities with the following initiatives.
  • VFX HE Online Mentoring Fund - to further support the delivery of VFX HE education towards the goal of increasing the numbers of UK work-ready VFX graduates.
  • VFX Tutor Bootcamp Fund - to further support the delivery of VFX HE education towards the goal of increasing the numbers of UK work-ready VFX graduates.

Click here to view the Film Skills Fund allocations.

About the Film Skills Fund

The Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund is the largest fund in the UK dedicated to supporting film-specific training. It is funded by the National Lottery via the BFI and through the Skills Investment Fund, which comprises industry and government co-investment.

The fund was established to support the delivery of A Bigger Future - the UK Film Skills Strategy developed by the film industry, originally in partnership with the UK Film Council and Creative Skillset, now with the British Film Institute.

The Film Skills Strategy

The UK Film Skills Strategy is a complete training and education strategy for the UK film industry.

It aims to address the industry's skills shortages exposed by Creative Skillset's research programme and through on-going consultation with the film industry. The focus on skills development will enable the UK film industry to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Creative Skillset works to support the growth of the UK film industry. We do this by investing in a programme of training, education and support for businesses, employees and freelancers, driving business and career development.

Creative Skillset is working with the film industry to:

  • Create jobs
  • Strengthen skills
  • Build skills for the future
  • Ensure world-class film education

We are focusing on:

  • Craft and technical skills
  • Production management
  • VFX
  • Career and business support
  • Digital content and audience choice
  • Developing writers, producers and directors

We will do this through:

  • Funding for training
  • Apprenticeships, internships and traineeships
  • High quality short courses and world-class film schools
  • Online learning provision

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