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Identify a training need

Every course we commission will target a skills gap in the creative industries: an area of knowledge or professional practice which has been identified by employers as a priority training need.

By addressing such a skills gap, your course will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of those working in the industries and provide an opportunity for them to invest in their own professional development. Review the following questions to help you identify possible options for the subject and scope of your course.

Which industry will benefit from your course?

Creative Skillset works to facilitate the development of talent across a number of industries:

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Animation
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Film
  • Games
  • Photo Imaging
  • Publishing
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Visual Effects

A technical training course might address a specific skill in a single industry, whereas a course teaching a broader skill might prove useful for professionals across a number of industries. We’re interested in commissioning both types of courses.

Which skill will be addressed by your course?

  • Will it be broad or narrow?
  • Which skills gap or skills shortage will it address?
  • Does it have the potential to attract hundreds of learners?

As well as addressing a training need, your course should have the potential to attract hundreds, if not thousands, of learners in a MOOC-style learning experience. Targeting a skill which professionals want to learn will improve your chances of attracting large numbers of learners.

Who are the professionals at which the course will be targeted?

  • Which roles in their industry are they employed in?
  • At what stage in their career are they?
  • Which networks can be used to recruit them to the course?
  • How will the course be advertised to them?

Your course should be tailored to those currently working in industry rather than, for example, students or hobbyists. Will your course meet the needs of those building up their industry skills?

If you have a great idea for a training course, as well as the capacity to develop an online course, then we want to talk to you. Fill in this form to express an interest.


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