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Funding for film training

The Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund is the largest fund in the UK dedicated to supporting film-specific training. You can benefit directly through funding for training – grants of money towards the costs of courses.

The Film Skills Fund is invested in training in priority skills that are identified by the film industry through our research and by the senior employers on the Film Skills Council.

Rolling funds

  • New Entrants – funding of up to £1.5 million to facilitate training in new and evolving film skills needs across the film value chain
  • Professionals – funding of up to £2.5 million to support the development and upskilling of professionals in the UK Film industry.

Scholarships and bursaries for creative professionals

  • Craft and Technical Bursaries – funding for training grants of up to £800 for film professionals working in eligible craft and technical departments to spend on training which meets key skills priorities
  • International Scholarships – funding for training grants of up to £5,000 for experienced film professionals to attend intensive and high-level developmental programmes in the UK or overseas
  • Management and Leadership Bursaries – funding for training grants of up to £1,000 for film professionals to spend on training and professional development in the area of management and leadership

Other funding sources

If the training for which you wish to find funding does not fall within these priorities, there are other funding organisations that may be able to help. Follow the link below for a list of other organisations that offer funding:

About the Film Skills Fund

Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund invests in the skills and training of the UK film industry to secure its growth and sustainability. We aim to strengthen and build skills and develop roles for the future, ensuring UK film remains world-class. The Film Skills Fund is backed by the British Film Institute (BFI) with the National Lottery through the Skills Investment Fund, a collective investment in the future of the UK’s Creative Industries.

The Film Skills Strategy

The UK Film Skills Strategy is a complete training and education strategy for the UK film industry.

It aims to address the industry's skills shortages exposed by Creative Skillset's research programme and through on-going consultation with the film industry. The focus on skills development will enable the UK film industry to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Creative Skillset works to support the growth of the UK film industry. We do this by investing in a programme of training, education and support for businesses, employees and freelancers, driving business and career development.

Creative Skillset is working with the film industry to:

  • Create jobs
  • Strengthen skills
  • Build skills for the future
  • Ensure world-class film education

We are focusing on:

  • Craft and technical skills
  • Production management
  • VFX
  • Career and business support
  • Digital content and audience choice
  • Developing writers, producers and directors

We will do this through:

  • Funding for training
  • Apprenticeships, internships and traineeships
  • High quality short courses and world-class film schools
  • Online learning provision

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