Further resources

This guide is just the beginning of your freelance career. From here, there are two steps to take. Firstly, find resources that cover your own sector. Tax and wellbeing may be the same across the Creative Industries, but different sectors may handle recruitment, contracts and even payment in very different ways.
Secondly, do your best to find your community. Online is helpful, but a physical group of people that can support you, mentor and advise you will go a long way in building a successful career as a freelancer.

  • Crunch has excellent UK freelancer financial advice 

  • GOV.uk has the most up-to-date information for freelancers in the UK about rights, tax and legal obligations

  • RTS Futures produces an excellent freelance guide for those working in TV

  • BECTU's Creative Toolkit should be the first place you look for information about freelancing in TV, film and theatre


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