Visual Effects

VFX for Guerrilla Filmmakers

Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers is a free online course that helps amateur and semi-professional filmmakers better understand the role of VFX in film, create no-budget effects and learn how VFX can bring a story to life. Check out the FutureLearn site for details of the next course run.

Shaped by the needs of the VFX industry and developed with Double Negative, Framestore, MPC, Cinesite and George Lucas’s Industrial Light & MagicHitFilm and Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), participants will be able to try out VFX using free software and sample footage (or their own), adding believable new backgrounds, landscapes, scenery or objects to their films which they couldn’t previously afford.

Over the course of 4 weeks, learners will expand their storytelling skills through use of: 

  • Effective green screen
  • Motion tracking and colour grading
  • Cloning and crowds
  • Set extensions and matte painting (for big establishing shots)

VFX for Guerrilla Filmmakers focuses on the needs of filmmakers working with a short timeframe and tight budget, demonstrating the fundamental concepts of VFX in a manner which will allow filmmakers to get quick results using freely available software.

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