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Filmmaking for the Web

Digital Storytelling

The University of Birmingham, the BBC Academy and Creative Skillset have combined forces to create a free online course which looks at filmmaking theory and practice, and how they interact to produce good and even meaningful stories, helping you develop short films for digital platforms.

Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web

Whether fact or fiction, there are many principles and processes that make a story work on film, so that what viewers see is more than just a sequence of events, but is instead a compelling narrative, which holds their attention, makes them think and keeps them coming back for more.

Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web covers all aspects of production, from how to research your story to adding the finishing touches in the edit. It addresses many issues along the way, including: critical thinking; story structure; style; genre; ethics; legalities; practical techniques for camera; sound and lighting; and more.


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