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Children's TV Levy

What is the Children's TV Levy?

In response to the live-action children’s TV tax relief, the TV industry agreed to follow the example set by animation and high-end TV and start the Children’s TV Skills Levy Fund, with the intention of creating a sustainable funding legacy which would be used to directly support the next generation of live-action children’s TV talent.

To achieve this, it was agreed that all productions intending to take advantage of the UK would contribute to the skills levy.

In establishing and managing the skills levy, Creative Skillset works closely with the Children’s TV Skills Council to help identify key training needs and set priorities.

The Children’s TV Skills Levy was introduced in April 2015. 

How is the Children's TV Levy calculated and collected?

Eligible productions contribute 0.5% of the production's UK core expenditure (in sterling), up to a maximum contribution of £40,860 (the cap increases each year in line with RPI). Children’s TV productions pay their contribution in full on the first day of principal photography.

The earlier you commit to contributing to the skills levy, the more opportunities your production could benefit from. It does NOT have to coincide with your application for tax credit.

The first step is to complete and submit this short form.

Click here to read why children's TV should invest in the skills levy.

What is the Children's TV Levy spent on?

The children’s TV levy is in its infancy and to date a separate funding programme for the levy fund has not get been agreed with the Children’s TV Council.

The Levy Funding Programme will be announced here when the Children’s TV Council agree the levy fund is sufficient to support the identified key areas adequately.

Who can I speak to about the Children's TV Levy?

For more information about the Children's TV Levy, contact Sarah Joyce.

For more information about paying the levy, please contact Fergal McBride.


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