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Grow your business with Hiive

Hiive is the professional network for creative people. It's a digital community of professionals and companies from the creative industries all across the UK.

If you're a small company owner, we know you don’t have time for recruitment but you need the best person and you don’t want it to cost a fortune. So, Hiive can match you to recommended talent at an affordable price.

And if you work for a large company, we know you want to be at the cutting edge of recruitment practices. Hiive is a source of emerging talent which you can tap into.

Unlike other creative networks, Hiive isn’t an online version of Soho.

Hiive gives its 90,000 creatives the tools to truly showcase their talent and tag their profiles, making recruitment through Hiive very easy.

Your vacancies will be matched to relevant professionals across Hiive and you can view applicants' profiles and portfolios to get a full picture before you meet them.

You can also use Hiive to find the best new talent entering the industries by posting apprenticeships for free, internships for half price and through the Trainee Finder scheme.

So, come and join the 3,200 creative businesses taking advantage of Hiive and:

  • Get matched to quality candidates rapidly for a great price
  • Hire from the most diverse talent pool
  • Match your jobs to our creatives based on skills, industries and job roles
  • Brief the Hiive community to work on your videos, animations, designs, marketing campaigns and product launches
  • Discover available freelance talent in your area instantly
  • Run your event through our event booking system

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