The Tick and your business

What is the Tick?

Creative Skillset Tick logoThe Creative Skillset Tick is a quality mark.

We award it to courses that can prove they connect with industry and which teach professional skills that make sure you graduate work-ready.

For a course to be awarded the Creative Skillset Tick, it has to undergo a rigorous assessment process conducted by experts working in the creative industries. They only give the Tick to those courses and apprenticeships that have the strongest links with industry. 

This ensures that the courses keep up with the rapid pace of creative change, and students benefit from using the latest technologies and working with industry throughout their studies.

The Creative Skillset Tick covers degree courses in the full range of the Creative Industries disciplines: Advertising and Marketing Communications | Animation | Fashion Design | Film production | Games and Interactive Media | Graphic Design and Visual Communications | Media Business | Media Technology | Photo Imaging | Post Production | Publishing | Radio | Pre-production/Screenwriting | TV production | VFX

What does this mean for your business?

The most industry-ready new talent comes from Tick courses and apprenticeships.

By forming close ties with these colleges and universities, your business can gain unrivalled access to the next creative generation, recruiting new talent and interns directly from each year's graduates; and also help ensure that the institutions stay up to date with the latest industry developments.

If you would like to find out more about how Tick course graduates can benefit your business or how you can collaborate with the institutions offering these courses, please contact us at tick@creativeskillset.org.

Find Tick talent

Graduates of Tick courses are becoming members of Hiive, the professional network for creative people.

You can search for students and graduates of Tick courses in your area and industry on Hiive:

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