Occupational map & job roles

Occupational Map

VFX Skillset map

The Creative Skillset VFX Careers Map is a good guide to the different roles in VFX, where they sit in the team structure and the most common route into each area.

Click here to download the Careers in VFX map.

The map was commissioned by Yen Yau at Into Film. Original design © 2014 Ian Murphy and Allan Burrell. All rights reserved.

The art, technical and production triangle

This diagram gives a rough placement of job roles within an area designated by three competencies - those of art, technical and production.


It is useful for young people to consider what kinds of roles are sympathetic to their own developing skills or subjects at school. For instance if you have studied sciences or IT, then the job roles nearer the technical end of the triangle are probably more interesting. It needs to be borne in mind that job roles can vary from company to company and so this can only ever be a rough guide for young people to think about where to concentrate their studies based on their aptitudes and previous studies at school or college.

Note that we have portrayed TD roles and Animation roles as being spread over larger portions of the territory: in fact most roles would have larger areas than the dots we place next to names; but it was considered that these two areas had more 'leeway' and different emphasises from company to company.

Some may suggest we downplay the creativity or art of some roles, or are privileging certain roles over others, and its certainly not unheard of that science graduates have become artists. At the very least we hope this diagnostic tool is a useful starting point for people wanting to understand what roles their skills might be useful in.

Job roles

Creative Skillset has collated several VFX job roles, which are listed below. You can view these on Hiive – the professional networking site for creatives. These job role descriptions are a good place to start to get an overview of what people do.

Art-based roles

Art Roles VFX

Technical-based roles

Art Roles VFX

Production roles

Art Roles VFX

You can read more on the Creative Skillset VFX Careers Map as well as James Shaw's blog.


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