Meet the high-end TV team

You can contact us at or call 020 7713 9800.

The individual members of the high-end TV team are:

Kaye Elliott

Director of High-end TV

Kaye heads up the team and provides overall strategic direction for the Fund, as well as being the main point of contact for the High-end TV Council, who have ultimate accountability for the Fund.  Kaye also acts as the main spokesperson for the activity of the department.

 Please contact Kaye if you have any questions about:

  • The strategy of the High-end TV Levy Fund
  • Potential partnership or collaborative opportunities
  • The High-end TV Council and industry working groups

Michelle James

Senior High-end TV Manager

Michelle manages the high-end TV department’s relationships with training providers and is the key contact for all training programmes commissioned and supported by the levy. Michelle also leads on tracking of the outcomes and outputs of the programmes in the longer term.

 Please contact Michelle if you have any questions about:

  • External skills funded programmes
  • Opportunities for training providers

Nicky Ball

Senior High-End TV New Entrant Manager

Nicky leads on the design and delivery of Trainee Finder and Make a Move.  Nicky also heads up all aspects of industry liaison for both programmes, as well as ensuring delivery remains on track and on budget.

 Please contact Nicky if you have any questions about:

  • Trainee Finder, our new entrant scheme
  • Make a Move, our stepping up scheme

Patrizia Berardi

HETV Trainee Finder Manager

Patrizia is the main contact for all of our HETV Trainees who are on the programme and also for productions wishing to discuss securing trainees for their production.  Patrizia is also the best person to chat through any Make a Move applications before submitting a request.

 Please contact Patrizia if you have any questions about:

  • Applying for trainees through Trainee Finder
  • Applying for Make a Move funding support

Ryan Valmont

HETV Co-ordinator

Ryan processes the financial and contracting aspects of the high-end TV levy and associated training programmes, ensuring all contracted outcomes and outputs are received on time as well as liaising with production companies regarding payment of the levy.  Ryan also oversees the HETV bursaries which can be applied for here

Please contact Ryan if you are a production company and would like to discuss payment of the levy.

Millie Morris

HETV Administrator

Millie is the key contact for any general enquiries about the High-End TV Levy Fund and its work. Millie also coordinates the HETV Council meetings and industry working groups.

Please contact Millie if you have any questions about the High-End Tv Levy Fund programmes.

Jo Myall

Trainee Finder Administrator

Jo provides administration for HETV and Film Trainee Finder, ensuring all associated paperwork is up to date for each application.  Jo also works with Patrizia to offer practical support to individual trainees with their placements.

 Please contact Jo if you have any questions about:

  • Applying to become a trainee on Trainee Finder
  • Trainee Finder paperwork from productions


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