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Diversity and environmental sustainability

One of the key aims of the Skills for the Digital Economy programme is to address diversity and environmental issues in the target regions. This could be about increasing gender equality, helping companies ‘green' their productions, or adopting green ICT. 

If you are an employerfreelancer or training provider with a particular interest in these issues and have some project ideas you'd like to explore please register your interest with .


The project aims to widen opportunities for West Wales, the Valleys and North West Wales, with a particular emphasis on increasing  gender equality, and supporting participation from BAME and disabled groups. Our targets for training are:

  • 476 female participants
  • 31 BAME participants
  • 24 disabled participants (10% participation from people with disabilities)
  • 400 Welsh speakers

Creative Skillset will target courses to a diverse population, increasing access to both training and workforce diversity.

Find out more about Creative Skillset's commitment to diversity.

Environmental sustainability

The success of the Skills for the Digital Economy programme will be measured through a number of deliverables, one of which is:

We will strive to achieve a greener and more eco-friendly approach to training for our sector – ALL training procured by Creative Skillset, Skills for the Digital Economy will include a module addressing sustainability...

In September 2013 the Skills for the Digital Economy programme became one of the partners in the development of the MediaCity Carbon Literacy Training scheme. The partnership was formed between BBC North (inc. BBC Academy), ITV, Dock 10, Peel Media and Creative Skillset Cymru - Skills for the Digital Economy.

Creative Skillset continues to support the Media Greenhouse website and the Albert consortium. Albert is a programme committed to helping broadcasters and production houses make their programmes in a way which will have the minimum impact on the planet and the maximum benefit to the people and places involved in their creation.

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