Skills Passport for high-end TV drama

Creative Skillset's High-end TV Levy Fund has launched Skills Passport; a simple online tool designed to help TV professionals navigate the broad, and often confusing, spectrum of short training courses available to them.

Skills Passport

Skills Passport helps:

  • Identify the key skills required for different roles within the screen industries
  • Find short training courses which can help acquire those skills 
  • Build an accessible, reputable training record for and individual and future employers

Users can browse the Skills Passport short-course database to find a course which addresses the skills of interest and follow the link to the training provider website to book your place. Skills Passport courses are eligible for Creative Skillset bursary funding.

At the end of the course, paricipants can opt to be sent a 'Course Complete' badge from Skills Passport to save on their phone and attach to their profile on Hiive - the digital network for creative professionals - allowing individuals to build up an accessible, reputable training record to show to potential employers.

Find out more about Skills Passport.

Skills Passport currently includes short training courses aimed at those working in high-end TV drama in production office grades, and skills-for-all courses for screen industry professionals across all sectors. Sign up to our newsletter list to stay up to date with high-end TV skills training opportunities. 


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