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New Apprenticeship Standard for industry review and feedback

Creative Skillset is currently supporting ‘Trailblazer’ employers and professional bodies to develop a range of Apprenticeships Standards for Creative Industries roles from Animation to Broadcast Engineering. Interested parties have an opportunity to refine the new draft Apprenticeship Standards.

August's Standard for feedback is:

Principal Technologist - which includes options for R&D Technologists, Systems Designers and publishing.

You are invited to review the draft Standard, give us your thoughts on the skills, knowledge and behaviours identified so far, and any that you feel may be missing. This will help us and the Working Group employers, to determine whether the Apprenticeships truly reflects industry best practice.

How can I get involved?

Download the draft Standard, then email us with your feedback. The consultation will be running until midday on Tuesday 29 August.

We will be holding consultations each month as Standards progress. Other Standards currently in development are:

  • Broadcast and Media Communications Technical Operator 
  • Broadcast and Media Communications Technician 
  • Broadcast and Media Communications Engineer 
  • Props Technician 
  • Production Management 
  • Animator 
  • Storyboard Artist

If you are interested in joining the employer Working Groups for any of these Standards, or have queries regarding the new Standards development process, please contact us on


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