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Story for Script returns

A new generation of UK HETV shows are transforming how TV drama is conceived and made – requiring story creators who think on a bigger scale in terms of ambition and story volume, and are able to work with large and complex teams. The first John Yorke Story for Script course, supported by HETV levy, equipped participants with the skills to step up in the new drama arena.  The feedback has been very positive.

Rachel Stone, Production Executive, Hartswood Films (Sherlock):- “The course has been a brilliant experience. I found the online tutorials and student forums easy to use and learnt so much – not only story structure, note-giving and discovering what makes a script work (and what doesn’t), but also through interacting with other students. Giving each other notes has been an invaluable learning curve and given me new-found confidence in voicing my opinion.”

John Yorke, Course Director:

“It’s been an amazing course to teach, and the standard of the students has been incredibly high. They’ve been challenging and forthright, but incredibly smart and thoughtful too. There’s a great generation of script editors there and I think television will be lucky to have them."


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