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Creative Skillset's HETV Levy supports MediaXchange's Advanced Writing for TV Drama programme

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MediaXchange and Creative Skillset’s High End TV Council are pleased to announce that registration is open for the inaugural year of the Advanced Writing for Television Drama programme – supported and funded by the High End TV Levy.

“We are delighted to be involved in this exciting and significant drive in the continued development of UK writing talent. We believe that this programme provides an unmissable opportunity for already experienced writers to grow their value and bring forward their voices in the TV Drama business. Participants will be exposed to UK, European and US creative principles with a view to providing an original and varied toolbox for writers to advance their existing skills to consolidate into a strong foundation to their future creativity. With the synergy of Creative Skillset’s High End TV Council we are confident that this programme will be an important catalyst for writers and an invaluable asset to the industry.”

Katrina Wood, CEO, MediaXchange

“All too often, the talents of exciting new drama voices cannot be fully deployed because they lack experience, the expertise to work within other authorial structures, or the editorial flexibility to move their work onwards towards the nuanced targets set by production companies or broadcasters. 

This innovative combination of seminars, workshops and experience sharing will extend over several months, allowing developing writers the chance to build their knowledge of commissioning, development, working under lead writers, inside pre-existing series, creating credible commissionable original work and enhancing their chances of succeeding inside what can seem like a hard edged and demanding environment." Bryan Elsley, Writer and Producer 

The course is open to writers with some level of professional experience who want to take things to another more confident level and who feel that they would benefit from some close attention from industry leading writers, development execs and producers. 

As in all areas of the TV Drama business, we can only benefit from increasing the practical skills and expertise of a talent pool, which will be increasingly in demand as UK Drama continues to expand.”

Bryan Elsley, Writer and Producer

How to apply

Find out more about the Advanced Writing for TV Drama progamme here. Want to apply? Click here for the Application Form and take a read of the Terms and Conditions here.


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