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Career Kickstarter – Changing the face of the Creative Industries

Creative Skillset and Hiive are working together with a number of community partners to broaden and improve diversity across the Creative Industries. Through tailored recruitment events, Career Kickstarter connects employers with employment-ready talent. Career Kickstarter is ideal for employers who are looking for fresh talent they wouldn't find through traditional recruitment methods, and talented new entrants who are unable to get their foot-in-the-door of the Creative Industries, despite having the right skills, passion, and attitudes 

Why is Career Kickstarter needed?

Creative Skillset's 2014 Workforce Survey showed a staggering 56% in Creative Industries gained employment through the traditional degree route or through personal contacts. However many graduate from industry related courses, and/or community or self-directed activities, and many are from BAME, social or academic backgrounds that are under-represented across the Creative Industries. This means that there are thousands of talented individuals who have the right skills and attitudes for a creative career, but have not yet been successful in finding employment.

As an employer how can I get involved?

Open Doors @ CoheasusCareer Kickstarter helps employers large and small expand their recruitment pool, and improve the diversity of their workforce and the wider industry as a whole. As an employer you'll need to be willing to diversify your recruitment methods to reach candidates who would not otherwise have applied. You will need to take part in a recruitment day and have a sincere intention to appoint. You'll also need to have an available junior/starter, internship or apprenticeship position to start between July - September 2017.

This project is supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and is part of  Creative Pathways. A project supporting London residents into jobs and training. 

Want to be a part of Career Kickstarter? Email Jude Winstanley on and find out how you can bring fresh talent to your organisation.

I'm looking to get into the Creative Industries, how can I get involved?

how can I get involvedYou will be required to complete a training or development programme of an industry-related skill. You'll also need to attend an interview preparation day, and most importantly, you must be able to show that you have the passion and attitudes for success, and be willing to excel in front of the employers you'll meet at the recruitment events.

Sound like you? Email Jude Winstanley on and find out how Career Kickstarter could help you kick-start your creative career.


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