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Taking credit

The HETV Drama Co-producer Programme offers a fully paid HETV drama production-based placement with an agreed on screen credit of at least co-producer for those taking part. Kudos participated in the programme for Humans (series 2), Chris Fry and Alison Barnett tell how they benefited from being a part of the programme:

You can't beat on-the-job producer training

"Humans, Series 2 was the perfect production to link up with Creative Skillset’s HETV Drama Producer Step Up Fund," said Chris Fry, Executive Producer, Humans. "As an established series, we felt we wanted to give the right person, which was Paul Gilbert,  the opportunity to produce the series while under the guidance of hands on executive producers. There is no better place to learn the role than on the job and, as long as there is support throughout, there is no reason why the Producer Step Up Programme cannot help give the industry the next line of drama series producers that it so desperately needed."

Chris Fry, Executive Producer, Humans

Equipping the next generation of producers

"We asked Paul, previously Head of Development with an indie, to join us to produce the series and he is doing a fantastic job," added Chris. "He has all the right qualities to excel at producing and is running a very tight ship. It is really enjoyable seeing someone so passionate thrive in the new role and make it his own."

"Kudos has always been absolutely committed to nurturing talent at all levels and, by working closely with Creative Skillset, we believe that this scheme can ensure the next generation of training and inspire producers out there to make the very best drama." 

Alison Barnett, Head of Production, Kudos

Read more about the HETV drama co-producers programme here and how it could benefit your production.


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