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Get the best training on our Production Co-ordinator Programme

Creative Skillset and the BBC Academy are proud to announce the launch of a special programme for those starting out in TV and wishing to pursue a career in Production Management. The Production Co-ordinator Programme responds to industry demand and the chronic shortage of Production Co-ordinators. Training is provided by the BBC Academy, ITV Studios, Indie Training Fund, TRC Media and Creative Skillset and funded by the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 through the Creative Skillset TV Skills Fund.* Over the next 18 months the Production Co-ordinator Training Programme aims to inspire and train 62 new trainee Production Co-ordinators across the UK.

What does the Production Co-ordinator Training Programme offer?

The programme offers the selected participants a 10-day boot camp with practical workshops giving an overview of the industry – live, documentary, drama, entertainment, features, studio and location work. The training will cover key disciplines including budgeting and negotiating, rights, paperwork, reporting, setting up filming and setting up a studio. The workshops and masterclasses will be taught by the best in the industry and will lead to an industry-wide Creative Skillset accreditation. Delegates will also get a mentor for a year. The programme is heavily subsidised and costs delegates (or their employers) £150. (Bursaries will be available).

Recruitment for the Production Co-ordinator Programme

The Production Co-ordinator Programme is taking place across the UK. Recruitment has already taken place in London and Salford, with dates for Cardiff/Bristol to be confirmed soon. To register your interest for Glasgow or Cardiff/Bristol recruitment drive, please email pcp@creativeskillset.org

Is TV production right for me?

This programme could be for you if you:

  • are organised
  • are good at creative problem solving
  • work well in teams
  • are good at forward planning
  • cope well in a crisis
  • are persuasive
  • are an impressive negotiator
  • love TV 
  • watch a variety of TV programmes

Not sure if the programme is right for you? Check out this helpful guide Is TV Production Right for Me?

Production Management is the air traffic control of television. It is critical. And I’m pleased the industry has come together to attract new talent into Production Management and give them the best training possible. Careers in Production Management are exciting and fulfilling – we need to get out there and make sure we get that message across to those joining TV. Channel 5 is pleased to be joining with the BBC and Channel 4 to fund and support this Creative Skillset programme.” 
Nan Whittingham, Director of Production and Programme Management, Channel 5

Click here to register your interest for the Production Co-ordinator Programme

*Creative Skillset's TV Skills Fund is the result of an agreement between UK broadcasters to invest in training for the freelance television workforce. The contributors are: BBCChannel 4 and Channel 5.

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