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Creative Matters: Sound and Vision

We gather careers advice from pros in the know, from across the creative sectors and across all career levels.

In this instalment, the Creative Matters team has tracked down some stellar industry professionals and emerging talent to get the lowdown on freelance photography, digital publishing and more!

In this episode… 

ADR Editor? Dubbing? Foley? These are just some of the hidden roles and titles involved in creating the sound of the films we love and enjoy on the big screens. But what do these roles actually do, how do they fit into the overall process and what skills are needed to get into this side of the industry? Former managing director of film and TV post production at Pinewood Studios breaks it down for us.

Who said print is dead? There are many opportunities in this exciting sector with new jobs and skills areas springing up all the time as publishing reacts to digital advances. The head of marketing for digital publishing gurus YUDU and founder of online publishing community BookMachine provides the lowdown on the skills and attributes needed to flourish in this ever-changing sector… 

The founder and director of Franklyn Layne Films shares his career story, from freelance photographer to multi-media employer and educator, with some sound nuggets of advice on how to get paid to shoot.

What’s that?! A new online game that mixes angry birds playability with a mediaeval backdrop to enhance game programming maths skills?! You best believe it! Creative Skillset has teamed up with digital art experts London Geometry to create something rather special, and very useful. Find out from both project leaders how maths and physics were used to create Age of Algorithms, a quirky approach to maths education.

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Creative Matters: Maths and Physics in Games


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