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Transitioning from theatre to screen with thinkBIGGER's Writers' Cramp

Amy Bethan EvansAmy Bethan Evans is a playwright by origin having studied MA Playwriting at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL). She has been a member of the Royal Court National Writer’ Group and runs the Bierkeller New Writing Platform from her native Bristol.

Amy takes up the story on how she benefited from thinkBIGGER!:-

“Earlier this year I hit a bit of a dry writing spell and at the same time I saw the advert for Writers’ Cramp in an email from a theatre company. I’d always been interested in the transition from theatre to screen and this seemed the perfect opportunity. The application asked for a script report so I wrote a report on a published play, sent it in and I was accepted."

“The Writers’ Cramp group all first met in April 2016 and then at a workshop run by Bryony Arnold from Tiger Aspect. There were eight writers and two script editors. It was great because we were all taught together so not only did we learn from the industry professional but as a script editor, I learnt from the writers."

“In October I had a great opportunity to work at Clerkenwell Films with Petra Fried who produced Misfits. It was so good to come in and do a proper days’ work as a script editor and to be treated well and have your opinion valued. I got to write script reports, sat in on meetings and as importantly, that unspoken knowledge and learning you only get when you are in situ in a working environment."

Without Writers’ Cramp I would never have had this opportunity. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do and I’ve found out that I’m really good at it which is an added bonus!” Amy Bethan Evans

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