Anne_tyrrell_award_winner_wendy_banner_bannerWendy receiving her certificate from Betty Jackson and Peter Tyrrell

Eternally grateful

By: Wheiman (Wendy) Leong, 2016 winner of the Anne Tyrrell Student Design Award

It is possible to live the dream

Wendy's impressive portfolioI had an amazing experience and I feel so grateful to have been put forward for the award and for my path to cross with Creative Skillset.

Having the opportunity to work at Maison Margiela with John Galliano (Creative Director), always seemed like an impossibility to me but going through the whole process was fun now that I look back.

Then I secured a placement at Marc Jacobs. Getting these two placements is a real dream come true – a dream that was in the mind of my 17 year old self and has now become a reality. Being at Margiela is probably one of the best experiences of my life so far. It is definitely a different internship compared to other companies. I've been given the opportunity to get involved in the process of creating a collection, and to see and touch the archive from the previous designers. And having the opportunity to work with amazingly talented people with years of experience has been an extremely valuable learning experiences.

I'm trying to absorb as much as I can and I'm really looking forward to being able to pour all that I've learnt into my own work during my final year. "

Nothing beats a good brainstorm

There are many highlights, but I think being able to participate in the process of creating a collection is the best part, because it includes everything from brainstorming (which involves some very interesting discussions), to experimentation, fittings, production, communication and much more. 

Being an Anne Tyrrell Award recipient

Betty Jackson and Wendy LeongThe award came at the most amazing time, as I was already in the process of applying for the placement. The award has financed a lot of materials, travel for the interviews and freed up my time so that I was able to concentrate on the applications. I believe if I wasn't lucky enough to get this award I would have missed these opportunities. It was all very good timing, from the deadlines to the people I have met along the way. 

Some things take time

Paris is an amazing city and I'm finally starting to feel at home here, it has taken a while though. It was tough at the beginning moving to a new city again (even though I thought I was confident enough to move to a new city and start a new chapter without any problems). But as always there are challenges to adjusting and i experienced very similar feelings to when I moved to London from my hometown Gothenburg. But it all served as a great reminder that certain things in life take time to get used to. 

The future's bright

It's really funny how  plans can be change, moving to Paris and working with Margiela, has allowed me to pursue options I would never have considered. When I finish Margiela I will to go to the placement at Marc Jacobs in New York! I will be in the Design Ready to Wear Runway Collection. It took a while and I was a little doubtful in the beginning, but now all has been confirmed, I'm so relieved – I feel energised to work even harder.

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