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Motion Graphics Designer

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:
2D computer animation | 2D drawn animation | 3D computer animation | Advertising


The Lowdown

  • Creating visually striking and appealing animations for video
  • Using text and images in a creative and imaginative way

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • have an eye for design
  • be comfortable negotiating and working with client briefs
  • be able to meet deadlines
  • market yourself to potential clients
  • be fluent in motion graphics software packages
  • work well under pressure whilst maintaining high standards
  • able to communicate complex ideas effectively

What does a Motion Graphics Designer do?

Motion Graphics Designers put together video that contains animations and visual effects. The role has evolved from graphic designers, with new tools allowing designers to move into video.

Although a piece of animation can be a labour of love, it’s important for the designer to make sure the project is attractive and suitable to fulfil the client’s brief. Like a graphic designer, there is a lot of thought that goes into the font choices, positioning and iconography.

Although Adobe After Effects is currently the industry standard software, every project is different any may require different approaches. To stand out, a lot of Motion Graphic Designers are also proficient in video editing suites and 3-D modelling software.

Will I need a qualification?

Due to its roots in Graphic Design, a qualification in that area will show that you know the basics of composition and what constitutes good design. However, a degree in VFX or similar would also be suitable for those practicing 3D design.

If you are considering taking a design course in higher education, the following courses have been rigorously assessed by the design industry and awarded the Creative Skillset Tick for the high standard of education they provide and the degree to which they prepare you for a career in design.

Courses awarded the Creative Skillset Tick

What’s the best route in?

Like most creative industries, the first thing you’d need is a great portfolio and showreel. Whether it’s from small freelance projects you’ve gotten or school and college projects, being able to show off your talents and eye for design will be crucial when applying for Motion Graphics work.

Whether you decide to go freelance or get involved with a company, it’s necessary to start networking. Looking at industry sites for upcoming events and showing up with a pocketful of business cards and your best smile will help you make industry contacts. Make a good impression and you may find work coming your way.

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