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Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:

The Lowdown        

  • Developing websites, programs, apps or custom hardware
  • Working within a creative or production department to create a product that suits the client’s needs
  • Working with the creative team to provide technical expertise about prospective projects and new business

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have excellent development experience, preferably with skills in multiple programming languages
  • Understand server technologies and how best to use web services to solve problems
  • Work with other members of the creative team to ensure brand consistency
  • Create mock-ups and prototypes
  • Have a solid understanding of HTML5 and other web systems
  • Have experience in quality assurance and testing to make sure your work will hold up under pressure

What does a Developer do?

A Developer in the advertising industry will be a keen programmer capable of designing applications and software to suit a client’s needs within a marketing campaign. The role requires a strong focus on the technical side of development, along with excellent communication skills.

Developers need to work quickly and efficiently, alongside graphics designers, UX designers and other specialists to integrate any of the features that the brief requires.

Will I need a qualification?

A degree in computer sciences or similar would be required to show you have the necessary skills needed in the job role, but many developers in agencies currently are self-taught or career changers.

What’s the best route in?

It’s recommended you have experience already in development and programming. Whether this is from personal projects, voluntary works or internships, having a portfolio of examples or your own website to send alongside a CV will separate you from other applicants in a big way. It’s important to show a keen interest in advertising as well, and that you are willing to work within a team towards fulfilling a client brief.

Where might the role take me?         

Particularly creative Developers with good communication skills may find themselves promoted to creative technologist. Many grow to lead their own team of Developers, or further specialise their skills into a subsector of creative development, such as data visualisation, Wordpress and Facebook development or mobile.

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