Colourists training

The art of the colourist has long since gone beyond those of colour correction or shot matching. The colourist works in conjunction with the DoP to produce a “look” for the production that conveys mood and strengthens the narrative; particularly important in high-end drama. 

The advanced toolset and increased demands from new standards such as High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut create new workflow challenges as well as creative opportunities. However, it’s not the technology that brings the true value to a production; it’s the skill of the person behind the controls that is vitally important.

The post and VFX high-end TV working group have taken note of the developments in both software and hardware for colour grading and have opened a fund specifically for colourists to improve their skills on Da Vinci Resolve.

The High-end TV Levy Fund will provide up to £800 for Da Vinci Resolve training to allow colourists to learn how to get the most from the software through short courses and to take their grading skills to the next level.

Download the guidelines and apply.


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