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Make a Move

Designed to support on-the-job training for people identified by productions as ready to move up into a more senior role with some support. Funding is available to subsidise the cost of employing and training up individuals into higher grades, with the aim that at the end of the training the individual would be already in or able to apply for their next job at the next grade up.

Examples of potential 'move ups' could be a location assistant moving up to unit manager, make-up artist to make-up supervisor, production secretary to production co-ordinator. The scheme covers all departments on a production. Additional funds are available to support camera and production departments.

Levy-paying High-end TV drama productions can apply for funding from the High-end TV Levy Fund, which can be used to support one or more people on the production to Make a Move.

The funding is flexible and can be used to cover salaries, travel and accommodation expenses, mentoring or attendance at training courses. Individuals on Make a Move are not trainees, but part of a scheme to encourage and promote professional development.

I want an employee to Make a Move

Which individuals are eligible for Make a Move?

  • The individuals put forward for the scheme need to be a professional that is deemed ready to move up to their next career grade.
  • The focus is on their ability and readiness to move up a grade and the work / training / mentoring required for this to happen as well as the individual taking on more responsibility.
  • It can be a completely new person to the selected team and department or an individual that has already worked with the team.

What can Make a Move fund?

The funding is flexible and can be used to cover:

  • Salaries
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Mentoring
  • Shadowing
  • Attendance at short courses

Funding can be used to support one or more people on the production across any department.

All expenditure that you intend to claim for must be evidenced. Any allowances for travel or attendance on short courses must be evidenced via relevant receipts. If you do not clearly evidence your total expenditure this may result in delays in payment or the reduction of your award.

How much funding is available?

The Make a Move funding scheme has a pre-agreed annual allocation per financial year. Therefore once all funds are allocated the fund will close.

At present a High-end TV Levy paying production can apply for up to £15,000 from the High-end TV Levy Fund. This funding is subject to change depending on the demand for the fund.

Production co-ordinators and production managers 

We are able to offer an additional £5,000 on top of the £15,000 Make a Move fund specifically for production co-ordinators and/or production managers. This could be for a production secretary, assistant production co-ordinator or junior production co-ordinator stepping up to production co-ordinator or for a production co-ordinator stepping up to production manager.

The production will need to demonstrate that this is a true step-up role and that there is a full production team of line producer, production manager, production co-ordinator, assistant production co-ordinator / production secretary, production runner.

We are keen to hear from productions that offer wider support to those making a move such as short courses, coaching or mentoring.

Camera department

A fund of £5,000 can be awarded to support camera department personnel, for example second ACs, to gain up to 20 days on-set training in focus pulling and for focus pullers to train as camera operators.

The individuals stepping up must already be working on the production on either A or B unit and the £5,000 will allow the production to bring in other loaders / focus pullers on days to cover for them as the main loader or focus puller on A or B unit steps up within the team and spend time learning from the focus puller or camera operator..

Training must be evidenced by a completed training plan by both the individual stepping up and the mentor, e.g. camera operator /first AC /second AC and evidence that an additional camera crew member was brought in to cover this stepping up.

What doesn’t Make a Move fund?

  • We are unable to fund retrospective claims. Apply in good time to allow us to turnaround the associated paperwork.
  • We can't fund individuals who are already working within the grade they are about to move up to, unless there is a robust case that the 'moving up' will mean they are working differently.
  • Individuals who have previously been supported through Make a Move or a similar Stepping Up scheme in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can only be put forward every two years to be moved up to their next role. 

How do I apply?

After ensuring that your production is currently paying into the High-end TV Levy Fund, please contact us to be sent the link to apply for the scheme.

Please complete a separate application for each person you wish to Make a Move.

If you have any queries about your application please contact our Trainee Finder Manager, Patrizia Berardi   

I want to Make a Move myself

Individuals can only participate in Make a Move after being put forward by their employer, who must be paying into the High-end TV Levy Fund. You will need to be considered ready to move up a grade and to be able to commit to the work, training, mentoring and additional responsibility required for this to happen. 

The scheme is provided by the High-end TV Levy Fund. During and for up to two years after your participation, we may contact you to track your career progress.

If you are ready to Make a Move, speak to your employer, make them aware of this scheme and agree a plan of action.


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