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Funding for training providers

Creative Skillset's high-end TV department has established industry led working groups to identify training needs and shape bespoke new initiatives. To deliver these we work with industry recognised training providers.  All programmes that are open for training providers to apply for funding from the High-end TV Levy Fund are listed on this page.

Programmes that are currently active in delivery are listed here.

Return to work for post and VFX

Deadline to receive expression of interest is 27 July 2018.

We are seeking a training provider to design a programme for individuals who are returning to work in high-end TV drama within the post & VFX sector following a career break. 

The training provider will design, manage, market, recruit and deliver the programme to include:

  • An introductory boot camp prior to a placement for each participant with a high-end TV drama post and/or VFX team
  • Marketing the programme UK-wide to the appropriate audiences
  • Recruiting participants while addressing the regional and diversity targets 
  • Liaising with post and VFX houses to secure placements for each participant within a Post or VFX team working in high-end TV drama for a minimum of four weeks and providing the participant with an allowance during this time
  • Providing support to participants by way of further relevant training, access to networking events and contributions to non-funded childcare costs whilst on placement (if applicable) 
  • Tracking of participants after completion of their placement for 24 months 

For full details download the tender guidelines

Returning series - single episode writer's bursaries scheme 

Deadline to receive expression of interest is 27 July 2018.

A project management company is sought to deliver a Returning Series Single Episode Writer's Bursaries scheme. 

The provider will oversee a marketing and liaison programme to secure placements for up and coming writers with drama production companies making returning drama. The provider will work in collaboration with the companies to identify five up-and-coming writers to be awarded a bursary to write a speculative script for a single episode as part of a production company’s returning series. 

The programme’s ambition is to provide more opportunities for up-and-coming writers to showcase their work, establish a positive relationship with a drama company and help secure writing for drama commissions in the future.

The provider will have overall responsibility for the following:

  • Market the programme to production companies across the UK and monitor industry buy-in and feedback
  • Liaise with the production company on the nature of the support the writer will receive during the placement and ensure it is delivering robust learning/support and networking opportunities for the new writer 
  • Oversee and work in collaboration with the production company to shortlist potential writing talent known to the company and sign off on a production company’s identified new writer, ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria 
  • Issue bursaries to the new writers and oversee their contracts
  • Track the process of script delivery and ensure it is on time to meet the companies requirements 
  • Encourage diverse writers to be taken on and seek take up outside of London 
  • Oversee process until the end of the programme, including monitoring writer’s progression and feedback
  • Ensure the new writers credits are provided when due 
  • Track participants for 24 months post programme 

This programme is anticipated to run for 12-18 months.

For full details download the tender guidelines.

Regional mid-senior crew in high-end TV – professional training and personal development programme

Deadline to receive expression of interest is 27 July 2018.

A training provider is sought to deliver a Regional Mid-senior Crew in High-end TV – Professional Training and Personal Development Programme.

The scheme will include bespoke training, introductions and profiling for 25 regional mid-senior level crew and talent (i.e. HoDs and experienced second-in-command crew).  This programme will support the individuals taking part in the scheme to build a wider network with industry and pitch for work more effectively to help secure high-end TV jobs in the future. 

The provider will be required to:

  • Manage a region-wide call out for participants, shortlist and finalise participation to source 25 mid-senior crew from shortage grades based in the English regions. 
  • Deliver an introduction evening to bring the cohort together 
  • Deliver a pitch training workshop and portfolio presentation advice on the skills on how to present at interview
  • Deliver a series of two meet-the-agent and producers dinner/networking events
  • Track participants for 24 months at six-monthly intervals following their completion of the programme

For full details download the tender guidelines.


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