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Funding for training

We co-invest with organisations such as training providers, assessment providers and education institutions. You can apply for our co-investment to support you to develop or deliver training.

What is available?

Funding for priority training

Our investment in priority training supports the growth of UK screen based Creative Industries by offering co-investment to deliver training in priority skills or that helps people progress into in-demand roles needed by their industry. 

Find out more about funding for priority training.

Funding to provide film training

Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund invests in the skills and training of the UK film industry to secure its growth and sustainability and to ensure it remains world class. The Film Skills Fund is backed by the British Film Institute's (BFI)  National Lottery Film Forever fund.

Find out more about funding for film training.

Funding to provide TV training

Several funds, across the TV sectors including High End drama and live-action Children's TV, are open to training providers with a proven track record of delivering successful industry-led training. The funding provided is to train and up-skill freelancers and professionals across the UK in TV skills shortage areas.

Find out more about funding for TV training.


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