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First ever Career Kickstarter pilot hosted by the BFI

Creative Skillset and Hiive are working together with a number of community partners to broaden and improve diversity across the Creative Industries. Through tailored recruitment events, Career Kickstarter connects employers with employment-ready talent. Career Kickstarter is ideal for employers who are looking for fresh talent they wouldn't find through traditional recruitment methods, and talented new entrants who are unable to get their foot-in-the-door of the Creative Industries, despite having the right skills, passion, and attitudes.

Over 30 applicants were in the running for a job at our pilot day: filmmakers, editors, producers, runners and animators. Hosted at the BFI, we opened with presentations from the Careers team at Creative Skillset featuring BFI Future Film Festival about local opportunities and careers advice. We know what employers would be looking for, and what applicants can do to impress.

We have a lot of people come to us for work experience... [who] have relatives in the industry, or a door has been opened for them. We want to offer chances to someone that wants it, deserves it, and who might not get it otherwise." Sophie Parkes, Big Talk Productions

As part of the employability workshops before the day, we accepted applications with a personal statement and a 'coat of arms' rather than a traditional application form, letting applicants show employers their inspiration and aspirations in an accessible way. And after a thorough vetting process, our recruitment experts put together a list of determined, enthusiastic and diverse young people. Some had very little experience, but all had an absolute drive to work in the Creative Industries. Many of them come through our partner organisations in East London, or schools and colleges with limited access to video equipment and specialist training. Those that have pushed through to create portfolio pieces are perfect candidates, but might not make it past the first round of traditional CV reviews.

After a quick group project (employers can observe team skills and problem solving ability right there on the day), representatives start interviewing candidates. Employers like The Mill, Twenty Twenty and Play By Play all had amazing full-time junior roles on offer, and a real business need to fill these gaps. Employers had picked candidates they would like to meet in advance, but many more interviews were requested by employers after the networking lunch.

One of the founding beliefs of our business is to give opportunity to different people... we champion people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is a great way of finding young talent." James Bishop, Play By Play

Kickstarter is designed to be less intimidating and more accessible than a traditional recruitment assessment day. Regardless of any offers of employment, young people come away with more confidence and transferable skills, as well as local contacts to engage with after the event is over. For those success stories, it's on to work in the industry and with any luck, we'll see them on the other side of the table before long. And for those unlucky few, the interview practice and portfolio review will support their career development in the future.

Looking back at our pilot event, Career Kickstarter has proven to be an affordable and powerful tool for employers and young people, with four of our applicants heading in to work just days after the event is over. We're looking to run more events just like this in the future, and continue giving young people the opportunity to shine.

"We feel that we're missing out on a great area of young talent that we can't connect to. [Kickstarter] has allowed us to access talent that we would have never met before." Henry Bull, The Mill

This project is supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and is part of Creative Pathways, supporting London residents into jobs and training.

Want to be a part of Career Kickstarter?

Email Sarah Gregory on sarahgr@creativeskillset.org and find out how you can bring fresh talent to your organisation. And if you're interested in applying for a role through Career Kickstarter, keep an eye on Hiive.

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